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How to be a Dreamed-man for Lovely Girl

It’s hard enough to learn how to be a dreamed-man of cute girl, but when you’re a teen it’s even more difficult because your hormones are raging and you don’t have much practice.

Be Respectful

  • Listen to her boundaries. If she says she doesn’t like PDAs (public displays of affection), you should respect that.
  • Don’t let your friends pick on her. Stick up for her, even if they are only kidding! She’ll reflect their behavior on you.
  • When a girl asks you to stop touching them or making fun of them, do it. If you don’t, it will make her very angry.
  • Always tell the truth. No one likes being lied to. You know what they say, honesty is the best policy. Even if you think you’re sparing her feelings, it’s better to come from a good place the first time around then being yelled at for lying later on.
    • Be honest about your feelings. Even if you’re not officially a couple, you need to be honest with her. Being honest with each other is the first step in a successful relationship.
  • Never cheat on her. Ever. Because if you do, and she has any self-respect, she’ll break up with you for a guy who will treat her well. If you do, get prepared for a slap.
  • Don’t be controlling, but don’t be her bitch. You guys should both be making choices in the relationship. Doing things for her is always nice and she will most likely return those favors.
  • Respect the fact that girls like to go out with their friends. Take that time to have some “guy-time” of your own. So while she’s shopping and watching chick-flicks, you can watch the game.
  • Listen to her speak, even if the topic is boring. After a bit, gently change the subject. Otherwise, she’ll feel as though you really don’t care, and she will eventually want to stop talking to you.
  • Don’t push too fast for a physical relationship. No always means no. Even when you think it doesn’t. If she’s not ready for sex, she’s not ready for sex and that’s that. Don’t talk about it after she says no. If she wants to talk about it, or if she wants to do it, she’ll let you know.
  • Don’t Let her push you too far either. While it may seem improbable some girls do want sex before the guy in the relationship. If this is you then don’t do it just because your “supposed to” or you feel you will be made fun of, in the long run, its not worth it.
  • Remember that she can have guy friends too, respect that and let her spend time with them, don’t be jealous of them. If you feel that she’s spending a lot of time with them, then try to spend more time with her.

Be Affectionate

      Kiss her on the forehead and on top of her head, especially when she is feeling down (but note, you should always do this, it’s not even funny how much girls love this). Always say a simple “I love you” if you mean it. It will make her happy. Don’t forget to hug her too.

      Always be willing and ready to cuddle with her and hold her. If you guys are sitting together open your arms and pull her in gently. It’ll make her feel very loved. Kiss her on the top of her head when she’s in your arms. Rock her lightly if you think she would like that.

      If you are lying out under the stars make sure you hold her hand. And if she says something like, “I’m cold,” make sure you move closer to her, or offer your jacket. Even better, you could give her a great big hug if she’s chilly.

      When watching a movie, make sure you are sitting with her, especially if it’s a scary movie! That’s a perfect time to hold her.

      Don’t be afraid of kissing her in public if she wants to. Most couples hold hands and kiss in public. It’s natural.

      Make the first move. Girls usually expect the guy to approach them.

      It’s okay to be lovey-dovey with her around your friends. Don’t overdo it though, and don’t do anything you wouldn’t do if your friends weren’t there. (Note: don’t show off.) Holding her hand is a nice gesture, as is saying “I love and respect you” without making it look like she’s a trophy or something.

      Write out “I love you,” not “ILY.” And say “I Love You” to her face. If you are sending text and you type “ILY,” that’s all fine and good but it is so much cuter (and shows more seriousness and respect) if you take the time to write the actually words. It means a lot more to both of you. Also, say it to her face the first time – don’t use text. Look in her eyes, take her hands and say “I Love You.” When you say “I Love You” mean it, don’t just say it because you think she expects you to.

Be Complimentary

  • Give her a cute pet name. It’s always a good idea. If she doesn’t like it, drop it immediately and think up another one. If she doesn’t like pet names she’ll let you know.
  • Notice the little changes in her appearance, because she likely did it for you. Compliment or casually comment on the good changes about her. For example, you could say “Hey, that new top looks cute on you.” She most likely worries about looking her very best just for you.
  • Reassure her when she’s feeling insecure. Never just say “Your hair looks fine!” Say “Your hair is perfect/Beautiful.”
  • Tell her she looks beautiful when she’s clearly made an effort. Especially for special functions like the prom, or dates you both have been looking forward to.
  • Notice the tiny details about her, if she mentions that she liked something and then 3 weeks later you remember she’ll love it.
  • If she playfully insults herself, tell her that it’s not true. If she just jokingly says something like “I wish I was pretty”, tell her that she is more than just pretty, or “I can’t believe I ate that whole slice of cake! I’m so fat” tell her that she is definitely not fat and that she is extremely attractive.
  • Don’t be ‘fake’. However, do not overdo it and give her cheesy answers, most girls’ sense that you are being ‘fake’.

Be Attentive

  • Don’t ignore her! It will make her feel like you are not into her anymore.
  • Be kind and respectful to her always. But don’t cling to her. Give her a little space from time to time.
  • Make her feel important to you. Let her know that you’re thinking about her, and you miss her. And if she looks great, tell her!
  • Hold doors for her. Chivalry is not dead! Pull her chair out at a restaurant, open her car door, let her enter places first. She’ll love this because it shows you’re not just thinking of yourself, and you truly care for her.
  • Call her at home if she’s sick. Make sure she knows you’re thinking of her. And since she’s sick, ask her if there’s anything you can do for her. If she’s serious about her school work you can take an extra set of notes for her and bring them to her if you’d like. Tell her to feel better, and that you hope she comes back soon.
  • Tell her when you are thinking about her. Girls love this so much. A simple text saying that you care or are thinking about her is adorable. She’ll know that she has nothing to worry about, and that you really like/love her.
  • Try to cheer her up when she’s sad about little things. For emotions like grief, it’s best to simply be there for her, she wants sympathy, not a solution. Be her shoulder to cry on. She wants’ and needs you to be there for her.
  • Always pay for dates the first couple times, even if she insists. After that you should still always pay unless she insists to or you don’t feel comfortable for her paying for the entire date than suggest going Dutch or splitting the check.
  • Do activities you both love together, and try new things together. If your into a certain sport like skateboarding take her to a skate park. If she likes crafting or art take her to a swap shop with little artsy things on sale.
  • Make her something such as a paper flower, an artsy heart, something creative that reflects your personality, so whenever she looks at it she’ll think of you and smile.
  • Don’t forget her birthday. And make sure you get something thoughtful and sweet.
  • Read her body language. If she looks uncomfortable or mouths “help” to a friend while you have your hand on her thigh, move it. You don’t need to say anything, just move it.
  • Call her for no reason. Just to talk to her so she knows that you care and are always thinking of her.
  • Surprise her! (But not in an annoying way, it has to be sweet and loving likes a small gift or sending her something in the post.)
  • Call her at night just to wish her sweet dreams.


Do Nice Things for Her

  • Write poetry or songs for her. Writing poetry or a song for your girlfriend is extremely cute. Who cares if you misspell something, repeat a word in the same sentence or leave out a comma? A girl will always be flattered that you care enough to do something like that for her. Just don’t write her anything to sexy. Write a poem about her eyes or the way she smiles. Write about her laugh or how much she means to you. If you feel you just can’t write poetry, find some tender, romantic poetry and copy the best ones, adding the author’s name and under that “This is how you make me feel.”
  • Be silly! Girls love funny guys (unless they have a heart of stone). Be funny and silly. Play the game Truth with her and ask silly questions. Your boyfriend/girlfriend should also be your best friend…and most people goof off with their best friends! You shouldn’t feel like you have to impress each other.
  • Take her to see the movies she wants to see. Don’t always take her to scary movies. It looks like you’re just trying to get some action. Try seeing a romantic comedy sometime (it will surely lead to a kiss at the end), or a drama, tragedy, heck even a kid movie is fun sometimes!
  • Let her playfully hit you. When a girl lightly slaps you on the shoulder or the thigh laugh along with her and tell her that she is adorable, NEVER hit her back, even lightly, girls like to think their stronger than you, plus, its wrong to hit a girl. If she keeps poking you, play along with it make it into a little game, have fun with her.

Pay Attention to the Way You Look

  • Smell and look nice and clean. Have a good appearance, girls pick up on that. Get your hair cut whenever needed. Don’t slack off of putting on deodorant or washing your hair, body, face, etc. At the same time don’t overdo it. You don’t want your girlfriend to be repulsed by your cheap cologne.

Don’t be Negative in Any Way

      If you’re having a bad day, whatever you do, Do not take it out on her! Whether it’s on purpose or accidental, just don’t do it. It only makes her feel like you don’t care about her feelings. If you’re having a bad day, just talk to her about it. After all, she is your girlfriend. That’s what she’s there for.


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